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Let's Envision Together-

  • Change the Narrative 

Our Vision is to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline that impacts our marginalized and disenfranchised communities and those in them. Our neighborhoods are where we choose to be. Kalief's story became the premise of building a relationship with the youth in all communities. The KBF believes relationship building is the first step to learning. We develop safe relationships in a trusted environment created by their peers. Just as Kalief, we dedicate to listening as they tell their story. ​​​

  • Civic Engagement 

On the ground helping to empower through educating the responsibility of civic engagement. Our curriculum is an inside/outside practice. Eleven classes of Civic Engagement: “Claim Your Rights” as a diversity and inclusion practice, brings the youth ‘to the table’ which gives them a voice as to what their futures will be with them in office. 

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The KBF is dedicated to eliminating racial disparities that permeate the "Justice System"

KBF- info@kaliefbrowderfoundation.com 

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