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What would you like to come in for?

Claim Your Rights

The KBF Civic Engagement: Claim Your Rights as a Citizen speaks directly to the necessities that our youth and young adults face day today. The criminalization of poverty, race and trauma has held our poor disenfranchised communities in its grips far too long for us to not find a way out. We provide an interactive experience that allows for the participants to learn in an alternative learning environment promoting useful tools towards skill building, mentoring and positive peer interactions. Reach out for any questions, comments or concerns.



The need was for youth whom the system deemed as “most problematic” or “hard cases” Who would be able to take care of these youth? The KBF community Mentoring Program.
By promoting mental wellness while equipping youth with social-emotional awareness that supports empowerment to change the narrative and heal through the process of repairing past traumas and gaining control to prevent future traumas”
The KBF Mentoring Program is relationship-oriented and geared towards building positive relationships within your community. Positive goals like:
Healthy Attachments
Endless Possibilities
Positive Mental Health
Great Support
Self Confidence
mentoring is: 
Comprehensive mentoring model 
Culturally responsive reform initiative 
Innovative diversion program 

Who and how do we help?
Targets highly at-risk youths from disadvantaged communities
Through the program youths work with highly committed therapeutic  mentors


Legal Screening

Understandably we realize the legal system of "justice has left many of our community members weary. The Browder family, like yours had the same struggle. We realized the importance of knowing which attorneys would treat us like each case was their very own. We vouch for the attorneys we provide to families like you! We've made countless connections to the RIGHT lawyers that will hear your case and counsel you the best possible way. 

Who can we call on? 

How can we afford the help we need?

How do we know what are the right steps?

Let the KBF be the middle person in finding you the help your loved ones need. With our list of trusted attorneys our voucher system not only helps to ensure you are represented but also helps the attorneys with the foot work they desperately need to best do their job for you. 

Call Us to find out more.



We, The KBF, focuses attention on improving a specific skill and helping the coachee reach certain goals. 


Screening & CJR Panel

Kalief's story opened the dialog of how the Criminal Justice system has weighed heavily on our community and more so on our youth. Kalief's sacrifice for what he believed in took a devastating turn for the worse. An allegation of a stolen backpack lead to an inevitable death sentence for Kalief because he wouldn't accept what 98% of the population that enters into Rikers Island Department of Corrections accepts out of desperation and survival. We've held panels to discuss with all communities, the impact of jails/prisons, how we've come to this point in time and Action steps to help relieve communities and find alternatives to incarceration.

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