Engaging as Activist

Over the past year and a half, New York City has seen the growth of an organized grassroots movement, lead by activists of color and completely ignored by mainstream media. Gaining steam a few months after The Kalief Browder Tragedy, brought out by his brother Akeem Browder, the docuseries Time: The Kalief Browder Story and Legislation that has been moving New York to Demand Justice reform conversations and action. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers began taking to the streets to demand justice for Mike Brown and Eric Garner and Kalief Browder. Months after the loss of Kalief Browder, a coordinated network has formed, shutting down the streets on a weekly basis in every single borough. If one only listens to the reporting by mainstream media, it would paint a naive, racist depiction of a movement that has seemingly “died down.” However, the reactionary behavior of the establishment and the NYPD, one of the largest police forces in the amerikkkan empire, reveals an entirely different narrative.

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